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Triet M. La, DO, MS, Psychiatry Physician

Triet M. La, DO, MS, Psychiatry Physician

Triet M. La is an attending psychiatrist at JPS Health Network, caring for patients in the Psychiatric Emergency Center (PEC). It’s the only one of its kind in Tarrant County and works to meet the needs of patients experiencing crises.

He started his journey at JPS after completing medical school rotations in 2016, when he developed a strong passion for the PEC. “Because of this experience, I wanted to be a psychiatrist,” he said. He began his psychiatry residency at JPS in 2017.

Three things keep him here, he says: His love for the city of Fort Worth, his fellow coworkers, and the friendly and inclusive culture at JPS, where people treat one another like family members.

“The hospital has afforded me the opportunity to care for the most vulnerable population,” he said. “I continually learn and grow from my interactions with my mentors, colleagues, and particularly, my patients. These experiences humble me, broaden my perspective, and allow me to appreciate life more.”