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A New Healthy Lifestyle for a New Year

The New Year signifies a fresh start to accomplish new goals or try new things. One of the most popular goals people adopt during the New Year is a healthy lifestyle change. JPS Family Medicine physician Kimberly Wolfshohl is sharing tips that can help people lose weight, manage diabetes, and maintain overall health.

In the world of dieting, there are many options, and what works for one may not work for another. One of the most healthful options is the Mediterranean Diet.

A Challenge Coin for a Great Save

Recently, the JPS Health Network Trauma team recognized team members of MedStar, Fort Worth Police Department, Fort Worth Fire Department, the JPS ED, OR, SICU, and P5 teams at a Great Save ceremony. The event highlighted the direct care that impacted the survival of a patient who sustained a gunshot wound and celebrated the accomplishments of the inter-professional team members who provided care to the patient from the scene to the hospital.

Food as Medicine

JPS Health Network is known for the quality of care provided to its underserved population. They often pull together to fill the gap when discovering a need. In recent events, Community Health and Outpatient Case Management identified patients' needs through a social determinant of health (SDoH) screening questionnaire.

Patients are given the screening assessment during their clinic appointments, focusing on community elements that comprise about 80% of a person's health.

JPS Hosts Groundbreaking Ceremony for Medical Home Southwest Tarrant

JPS Health Network hosted a groundbreaking ceremony on Wednesday, December 7 for the new Medical Home Southwest Tarrant, a future primary care clinic located in the 76123 zip code that will primarily serve residents of the Fort Worth Wedgewood neighborhood in Southwest Tarrant County.

Representatives from Tarrant County, the JPS Board of Managers, the City of Fort Worth, and the state joined JPS executives, providers, and team members to celebrate the new medical home which will allow patients to access care under one roof providing convenience and efficiency.

Linda Siy, MD, named 2022 Texas Family Physician of the Year

Linda Siy, MD, has been named the 2022 Texas Family Physician of the Year by the Texas Academy of Family Physicians.

This distinction is the highest honor among Texas family doctors and shows Dr. Siy's commitment to providing her patients with compassionate and comprehensive care.

"The Texas Family Physician of the Year award comes from family physicians who do the same thing I do every day. So, the distinction is meaningful because my peers selected me as the Family Physician of the Year," Dr. Siy said.

Going Above and Beyond to Provide the Best Patient Care

Tiffany Lowery, an Adult Geriatric Nurse Practitioner at Medical Home True Worth, has always felt the need to help people. Growing up around nurses like her mother and grandmother inspired her to pursue a career in healthcare. She also has a passion for caring for individuals who are experiencing homelessness. So when she heard about Dr. Andrew Saverine’s Intensive Primary Care Program, she knew it was a perfect fit.

The Intensive Care Program was established in 2019 when Dr. Saverine saw the need to minimize the amount of high utilizers in the Emergency Department (ED).

24-Hour Caregiver

Hearing the words, “your son will not make it to 18,” is never easy, but it was a harsh reality for Irene Riojas, a Medical Assistant at the Health Center for Women. At four months, Riojas’ only child began to experience Petit Mal seizures that would cause the muscles in his body to stiffen and his eyes to glaze over. As his condition worsened, he began to have Grand Mal seizures which caused unconsciousness and aggressive muscle contractions. At just 8 years old, Riojas’ son was experiencing 97 seizures a day.