Price Transparency


At Tarrant County's community health network, JPS Health Network wants to make sure all residents of our county have information to make financial decisions for healthcare needs. We have created price estimates for our top ordered procedures and inpatient admissions.


Information Required for Estimates*
  1. Procedure Description
    • For a better estimate, providing a CPT/Procedure code from your provider is most helpful.
  2. Level of Care
    • Your provider should tell you whether your procedure will be scheduled as Inpatient or Outpatient. This information will affect how your benefits are calculated.
  3. Physician
    • Physician who is performing or ordering the procedure.
  4. Insurance Card
    • Insurance Company
    • Member ID
    • Group Number
    • Policyholder's Name
    • Policy Employer
    • Insurance Company Phone Number
    • Type of Plan (HMO, POS, PPO, Indemnity)


As part of the 2019 IPPS Final Rule, The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) requires hospitals to make a listing of standard hospital charges available online. In compliance with this federal law, JPS makes prices available by service (Charge Master) and by Diagnosis Related Grouping (DRG).*



Please email the following form to the JPS Hospital Admission department for a more detailed estimate.


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JPS provides an Uninsured Patient Discount to patients with no insurance or who are not eligible for third party assistance to help resolve financial liability.


Financial Assistance

Many people experience a time in their life when the cost of medical care seems overwhelming. Many of our patients are surprised they may be eligible for financial assistance. Please visit our Financial Assistance page or for more information.


Services & Pricing


Below is a list of common inpatient and outpatient procedures. Prices represent estimated out-of-pocket costs. The list below does not include any discounts that may available to you.


Inpatient Services Average Total Charges Average Hospital Stay
Cardiology - Atrial Fibrillation (Heart Arrhythmia): Quivering or spontaneous contraction of individual heart muscle fibers that causes a rapid heartbeat. $8,000 4 Days
Cardiology - Congestive Heart Failure: An inability of the heart to circulate blood effectively enough to meet the body's needs. $7,200 5 Days
Cardiology - Chest Pain: Discomfort or pain that is felt anywhere along the front of the body between the neck and upper abdomen. $9,600 3 Days
Cardiology - Coronary (Heart) Atherosclerosis: A disease of the heart's arterial vessels marked by thickening, hardening, and loss of elasticity in the arterial walls. $7,500 3 Days
Cardiology - Subendo Infarct: A heart attack which occurs when blood flow to the heart muscle is interrupted. Oxygen can't get to the heart muscle, causing tissue damage or tissue death. $7,200 4 Days
Digestive - Diverticulitis: Formation of a pouch(s) or sac(s) in the colon due to pressure from within the colon without hemorrhage. $8,100 5 Days
Genitourinary - Acute Renal/Kidney Failure: The inability of the kidneys to adequately remove waste from the bloodstream. $6,800 5 Days
Genitourinary - Urinary Tract Infection (UTI): Infection of the kidneys, ureters or bladder by microorganisms. $6,300 5 Days
Infection - Cellulitis: Infection of the skin that may spread to tissue just beneath the skin's surface. $5,700 5 Days
Infection - Septicemia: Blood poisoning - A systemic disease caused by pathogenic microorganisms (such as bacteria, viruses or fungi) in the blood or their toxins in the blood from a focus of infection that is accompanied by acute systemic illness. $7,900 6 Days
Neurology - Syncope and Collapse: The sudden loss of consciousness. $9,100 4 Days
Obstetrics- Normal Vaginal Delivery of a Newborn - Mother's Stay: Delivery requiring minimal or no assistance of a full term, single liveborn infant newborn. $4,800 3 Days
Obstetrics - Cesarean Delivery of a Newborn: Delivery of a single liveborn infant newborn. $7,200 4 Days
Obstetrics - Single Liveborn Born in Hospital by Vaginal Delivery - Baby's Stay: Newborn delivered vaginally. $2,100 2 Days
Respiratory - Lung Failure: Respiratory failure (lung failure) is a condition in which patient's level of oxygen in the blood becomes dangerously low with difficulty breathing. $8,700 6 Days
Respiratory - Chronic Obstructive Bronchitis: Chronic obstruction of the flow of air through the airways and out of the lungs resulting in an obstruction which is generally permanent and progressive over time. $7,900 5 Days
Respiratory - Pneumonia: Inflammation of the lungs, usually due to infection with bacteria, viruses, or other pathogenic organisms. $7,200 5 Days
Vascular - Cerebral Artery Occlusion with Infarction (Stroke): Bleeding within the skull or an area of the brain with tissue death due to lack of oxygen. $10,600 4 Days
Outpatient Services Average Price
SARS-COV-2 COVID-19 AMP PRB-Infectious agent detection by nucleic acid (DNA or RNA); severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) (Coronavirus disease [COVID-19]), amplified probe technique. $48
COVID-19 LAB TEST NON-CDC-2019-ncov coronavirus, sars-cov-2/2019-ncov (covid-19), any technique, multiple types or subtypes (includes all targets), non-cdc. $20.08
Diagnostic - CAT Scan: Computed tomography directs multiple beams of x-rays around a body structure being studied and uses computer imaging to produce cross sectional views of various layers of hte body to evaluate soft tissues and bones. $1,504 - $3,884
Diagnostic - Diagnostic Ultrasound: An imaging technique bouncing sound waves through interior body structures to display a two-dimensional image of a body structure. $171 - $759
Diagnostic - Mammography Diagnostic Follow-Up: Radiographic imaging of the breast to screen for breast cancer. $437 - $548
Diagnostic - MRI: Magnetic resonance imaging is a radiation free, noninvasive technique to produce sectional images of the inside of the body in multiple, three-dimensional images. $514 - $6,710
Diagnostics - X-Ray (Bone, Joint): A radiologic examination to visualize a bone or joint body structure. $129 - $922
Diagnostics - X-Ray (Chest): A radiologic examination to visualize the chest. $175 - $234
Diagnostics - X-Ray (Tissue, Organ, Other): A radiologic examination to visualize a tissue, organ, or other body structure. $145 - $923
Digestive - Diagnostic Colonoscopy: Examination of the entire colon, from the rectum to the cecum using a device consisting of a tube and optical system for viewing the inside of the colon. $3,500
Digestive - Diagnostic Upper GI Endoscopy: Examination of the esophagus, stomach and small intestive (duodenum and/or jejunum) using a device consisting of a tube and optical system for viewing the inside of these organs. $4,500
Digestive - Laporoscopic Gallbladder Removal: Removal of the gallbladder through a device consisting of a tube and optical system for viewing the abdominal cavity. $10,582
Digestive - Upper GI Endoscopy with Biopsy: Examination of the esophagus, stomach, and small intestine (duodenum and/or jejunum) with removal of a piece of tissue for microscopic examination using a device consisting of a tube and optical system for viewing. $2,504
Gynecology - Hysteroscopy with Biopsy: Examination of the uterine cavity using a device consisting of a tube and optical system for viewing the inside of the uterus with removal of a piece of tissue for microscopic examination. $6,817
Ophthalmology - Cataract Removal with Lens Insertion: Surgery to remove a cataract and insert a prosthetic lens. $9,212
Orthopedic - Arthroscopy of the Knee with Removal of the Meniscus (Knee Scope): Examination of the knee using a device consisting of tube and optical system for viewing the inside of the joint and removal of meniscus. $8,803
Surgical - Debridement of Subcutaneous Tissue, first 20 square cm or less: Removal of foreign matter, contaminated or devitalized subcutaneous tissue by surgical, scrapping or other type of instrument. $6,724
Surgical - Image Guided Placement, Metallic Localization Clip of Breast: Image guided placement, metallic localization clip, percutaneous, during breast biopsy/aspiration. $8,346
Vascular - Blood Transfusion: The physician transfuses blood or blood components to a patient. The physician establishes venous access with a needle and catheter and transfuses the blood products. $5,253
Vascular - Insertion of Central Venous Cath: Insertion of a tunneled, centrally inserted catheter that is secured into position. $11,166


Disclaimer: Estimates are for anticipated charges related to the hospital/hospital clinic, taking into consideration insurance coverage, co-payments, deductibles, coinsurance and other information that may affect personal out-of-pocket costs. Actual charges on the final hospital/hospital clinic bill may vary from the estimate, based on the patient's medical condition, unknown circumstances or complications, final diagnosis, final procedures, and treatment ordered by the atending physician(s). This estimate covers hospital/hospital clinic charges only, and does not include professional fees for services such as those provided by a physician, radiologist, pathologist, anesthesiologist or other independent practitioner. Persons with insurance should contact their health benefits administrator for the most accurate information regarding plan structure, deductibles, co-payments and any other factors that might affect personal liability for anticipated health care services. Physicians or other practitioners who provided professional services may not participate in an individual's health benefit plan. Please be advised that while JPS Health Network attempts to estimate the cost of hospital/hospital clinic charges as accurately as possible, there may be significant variations between the estimate provided and the actual charges. Accordingly, the hospital/hospital clinic makes no representations, express or implied, and disclaims any and all liability, as to the accuracy of this estimate.