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Jonathan Demiar, RN Critical Care, Surgery/Trauma Progressive Care

Jonathan Demiar

For Jonathan Demiar, the fact that JPS is a Level I Trauma Center was a big draw when he considered where to start his career. JPS has the first and only Level I Trauma Center in Tarrant County, allowing the hospital to treat the most critically injured and ill patients.

“I had family that worked here for years and I already knew that I wanted to work in a Level I Trauma Center,” he said. “I was drawn to work here because I wanted to work at a place that is able to provide comprehensive care to all of its patients, no matter how sick and injured they are.”

Demiar said he began his career as a multi-skilled technician in 2012 in the Cardiac Medical unit. After graduating from the University of Texas at Arlington for nursing, he moved to an RN position in the Surgical Trauma Progressive Care unit.

“My role is to advocate and care for my patients, which includes helping them through their fears, anxieties, and concerns during a difficult time, and making sure they are set up for success after discharge,” he said.

Along the way, Demiar said he has had many opportunities to learn and grow.

“JPS has helped me get out of my shell and get the confidence that I needed in order to thrive, both personally and professionally,” he said. “JPS has helped me find the confidence I needed, along with many opportunities for learning new skills, such as using an ultrasound machine to start IVs. They have also allowed me to grow and educate nursing students and new hires, and am now acting as an alternate team lead.”

After a decade at JPS, what keeps him here? Support from JPS leaders.

“Being able to feel I can come and talk to my management team comfortably and come to them for help really makes me feel like we are all a team,” he said. “Whenever I come to them, even if it is a personal problem, they are there and willing to listen and lend a hand if they can.”