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The JPS Podcast: Men’s Health: Prioritize You

The JPS Podcast: Men's Health: Prioritize You, Dr. Fowler

Season 4: Episode 6 Show Notes

We're back with another episode of The JPS Podcast to discuss self-care for men. Prioritizing self-care and getting recommended screenings at the right age can improve their well-being and increase their chances of living a longer, healthier life.

Brian Maschino and Tatiyana Giddings met with Dr. Grant Fowler, the Chair of the Department of Family Medicine, to emphasize the importance of men taking care of their health and tips for how they can improve it.

Men’s Health Resources

The Mayo Clinic suggests that, along with men getting regular physical exams, they get tests for abdominal aortic aneurysms, blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes, colon cancer, prostate cancer, and lung cancer.

During the podcast, Dr. Fowler revealed that Osteoporosis affects 10% of males, despite the common misconception that it is a disease that only affects females.

To learn more about screening guidelines, visit the United States Preventive Service Task Force.

To connect to care at JPS, visit Services | JPS Health Network

Bonus Episode Resources

Colorectal Cancer is a disease that begins in the large intestine when cells in the colon or rectum grow out of control.

Capati mentions men should start screening for colorectal cancer at 45 years old. The CDC provides information on what to know about colon cancer screening tests.

Dr. Jeffery Capati said, “A colon polyp is a cluster of normal cells, and you can call them ‘pre-cancerous polyps’ because the idea is polyps can potentially develop into colon cancer with the changes in the cells. I tell my patients that one of the best reasons to get a colonoscopy is because not only can we detect early colon cancer, but we can help prevent it.”

Another option offered at JPS for colorectal screenings is the Fecal Immunochemical Test (FIT), which uses a stool sample to look for hidden blood, which can be an early sign of colon cancer.

Celebrating JPS Health Network

At the beginning of the episode, we mentioned taking a break to focus on Hospital Week (May 7-13) and Nurses Week (May 14-20). We would like to share some of our favorite moments from these events.

The JPS Podcast: Men's Health: Prioritize You, JPS Gold Steth Luncheon
The JPS Podcast: Men's Health: Prioritize You, JPS Hospital Week

And That’s a Wrap

On May 13, JPS Health Network concluded its Hospital Week. Here is a recap of the amazing events that happened during the week.


The Ultimate Team Player

Respiratory Therapist Misty Brosh says her goal is to ensure patients are cared for. Watch this video to learn how she has earned the respect of team members in her department.


75 Years of Service

For Brianna Green, BSN, RN, PCCN, JPS Health Network is home. She was born at JPS, her grandmother worked here for 35 years, her mother has been a JPS employee for 27 years, and the many people Green has met over her 13 years at JPS have become more than coworkers; they've become family. Read more

A Family of Care

JPS Health Network Chief Nursing Officer Jill Farrell, MSN, RN, CPN, says that JPS has an excellent nursing culture with a family feel that differs from other organizations.


Falling in Love with Patient Care

JPS Health Network Nursing team hosted a Nurse Award Luncheon on Wednesday, May 17, to celebrate nurses' commitment to providing excellent care to patients. Read more

The Go-to Nurse

Mia Coleman, LVN, is a staple at the Gertrude Tarpley-Watauga Health Center in Watauga. She is described as a compassionate, caring, and knowledgeable nurse. Watch this video to see why her team members describe her as the “go-to nurse.”


Nursing with a Purpose

“I came to JPS Health Network to specifically learn oncology,” Darnika Vaughn, RN Assistant Manager of T6/T7 Ortho/Neuro said. “My husband had just been diagnosed with Lymphoma. We were going to our doctor appointments, and I didn't know what they were telling me. My husband said, ‘well, you're a nurse. Shouldn't you know all of this?’ Medical-surgical nursing is different from oncology. I wondered what the doctors and tests were saying. I was just so unsure, so I told him, ‘I am going to learn how to take care of you better.’” Read more

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